We all know that one of the biggest frustrations in every home is running out of hot water. At the end of a long day, the last thing that anyone wants is a nice, long cold shower. But after the dishwasher does its thing, the washing machine finishes its third load of the day, and the rest of the family gets their bathing out of the way, you’re dealing with the bottom of the barrel. Like clockwork, just when you need it most, the hot water tank has run dry, yet again.

Tankless Water Heater Installation & Service

Many homeowners and business owners once wondered if they would ever find a solution to this incessant problem. How can you offer your visitors all of the hot water that they require? How can you manage to hang on to enough hot water to take care of all of the needs of your home?

Tankless Water HeatersThe solution came with the invention of the tankless water heater! Suddenly there is a cure for cold showers and dishes that were never quite clean enough. The implementation of a tankless water heater in your home or business produces enough hot water to take care of everything you need at a time that is convenient. No more waiting for hours and postponing your to-do list just for the hot water to return! Plus, these systems have a longer service life than the average water heater – lasting up to 20 years – and the operating costs are up to 40% less.

East Texas Leak Locators is proud to serve customers all across the east Texas region who are seeking to install a new tankless system in their residential or commercial property. Our professional and prompt service allows you to gain access to top of the line water heater systems without having to lift a finger. We both install and service the tankless systems, so that our customers have a peace of mind in knowing that the same company who originally put in the new product will be back to take care of any issues that may arise.

So much time is spent searching for the right type of technician to handle this or that question when it comes to maintaining property, and it can be such a relief to know that you only need to hang on to one business card when it comes to the plumbing and water-related needs that you may have. We have a wealth of experience and expertise which provides us with a wide knowledge base regarding just about any type of plumbing concern that you might be facing. We work with a lot of different types of properties and see requests for many different sizes and brands when it comes to water heater systems.
Give us a call today, and allow us to help you get started with the process of going tankless.