Don’t Forget to Upgrade The Plumbing With the Rest of Your Home

For many homeowners, they will at some point in this home owning adventure decide they want to remodel their kitchen or bathroom. However, while you look for that dream spa tub or a kitchen faucet that does everything save for massage your feet, you might also want to make a call to your local plumber as well before fully committing to the remodel.

Don't Forget to Upgrade The Plumbing With the Rest of Your Home

When remodeling any area of your home with water features, the plumbing should first be inspected before any new installation begins. Your plumbing needs to be checked for age, damage, and if it is even compatible with your fancy new water fixtures in the remodeled room.

When talking to your plumber, you may want to talk to them about what you want to install so they can consider compatibility when doing their inspection. They can then offer advice on whether you would want to remodel sections of the plumbing or go for a whole remodel of your plumbing system. While the latter sounds expensive, it may end up saving you more in the end, especially if the plumbing in your home is old or excessively damaged. It may not be a problem now, but it could very well start racking up the costs soon, especially with a remodeled kitchen or bathroom potentially putting new stress on the entire system. Furthermore, you can also choose more cost-effective PEX or PVC pipe options where viable to save the money that would be spent installing new copper. If your home is very old, this would not have been an option for the previous owners, but these new piping options are more affordable and just as durable.

Are you doing a remodel or simply interested in remodeling an aging plumbing system? Contact us today for a plumbing inspection and remodel options to make sure your home remodel doesn’t go upside down because you forgot to check on your pipes.

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