The Benefits of Small Drain Hydro Jetting

The Need for Professional Small Drain Hydro Jetting

Over time materials like food particles and residue, mineral build-up, grease, and hair are going to build up inside the pipes of your kitchen or bathroom. Minor blockages can be temporarily fixed with the use of a snake or a liquid drain cleaner, but once your sink is running prohibitively slowly, it’s time to break out the big guns. Grease, food residue, and mineral build-up will eventually create the kind of accumulated barrier to a good water flow that a snake or liquid drain cleaner can do nothing to solve. Consider hiring a professional for hydro jetting services to clean out your household pipes and clear up those blockages for good.

The Benefits of Small Drain Hydro Jetting

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting will pressure clean your drains and pipes with high strength jets of hot water through a specialized nozzle. This jetting effect will push out the gunk, sludge, and debris holding up the easy flow of water in your pipes with the sharp and targeted strength of extremely high-pressure jets.

Hydro Jetting Restores Your Pipe Walls

While do-it-yourself hydro jetting risks damaging older and more fragile pipes with high-pressure jets, a professional with the expertise to acclimate to your household needs will hydro jet your pipes and drains properly and actually restore some strength to your pipes by smoothing down built-up bumps and abrasions within the pipe wall. Hydro jetting also has the benefit of being more environmentally friendly than using harmful chemicals like brand name store-bought drain cleaners.

East Texas Leak Locators have the expertise and know-how to clean out and unblock your pipes with the care and attention your household deserves.

Don’t stand around waiting for the water to seep its way down a blocked up drain. Call the professionals and contact us today for more information on our professional small drain hydro jetting services.

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