4 Signs Your Gas Line Needs Repair

More and more homeowners rely on natural gas. While natural gas provides many benefits, it’s expected that gas leaks will happen. Gas leaks not only lead to higher bills, they can be dangerous. Prolonged exposure to a gas leak can cause numerous health problems, including headaches, nausea, trouble breathing, or dizziness. Knowing the signs of a gas leak is a critical factor in keeping your home safe.

4 Signs Your Gas Line Needs Repair

Signs of a Gas Leak

The following signs indicate that your gas line needs repair or replacement.

You can smell gas. One of the most obvious signs of trouble with your gas line is the smell of rotten eggs. If you notice this odor, it’s likely that you have a gas leak. Have your gas line inspected right away.

Plants around the gas line are wilting or dying. Keep an eye on the flowers and plants around your gas line. If they begin to wilt or look “rusty,” it can indicate a leak in your gas line.

You can see condensation on your windows. If your gas line is located near a window, check for excess condensation. It can indicate the gas line is leaking, especially if there is no condensation on the other windows in your home.

You can hear unusual sounds.  Another sign of a gas leak is a hissing sound coming from the gas line. You might also hear unusual noises, such as clanging sounds, coming from gas-powered appliances.

What to Do

If you suspect that you have a gas leak, take action immediately.

  • Call your gas company and report the leak right away.
  • Turn off your stove and any other gas appliances.
  • Open all windows and doors to ventilate your home.
  • Do not turn any lights on. Doing so might create a spark, which can lead to an explosion.

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