How Long Does PEX Last?

While copper piping has always been the classic plumbing option, PEX is quickly gaining popularity for its number of benefits. Aside from being more affordable, the criss cross pattern that reinforces the plastic piping also makes it more durable. However, every product has a shelf life, and one may wonder how long a PEX pipes lifespan is. How Long Does PEX Last?

How Long Does PEX Last?

In most standard applications, PEX piping has a comparable lifespan to copper piping. Copper can last anywhere from 50 to 70 years in the right conditions while PEX can last upwards of 50 years as well with very few problems. However, the real benefit of choosing PEX over copper when it comes to lifespan is if you live in an area with acidic water. When water is too acidic, this greatly diminished the lifespan of copper piping. It can make it so you need copper pipes replaced in as few as 20 years. However, PEX doesn’t suffer from this same fatal flaw when it comes to an acidic pH.

As PEX is made from a plastic rather than a metal, it is not subject to acidic corrosion like copper pipes. So while it has a comparable lifespan to copper, it can actually be the longer lasting choice in acidic areas. As the piping is also flexible, it means that you don’t need to worry about the pipes bursting if they get too cold or too hot either. The flexibility allows expansion to accommodate the water rushing through the pipes even in cold weather where copper piping can freeze and you risk bursting the pipes. However, for as durable as PEX piping is, it is restricted to inside use only. It is not durable enough to withstand extended outside use as it can break down and the water risks contamination.

If you are considering new PEX plumbing options, contact us today to talk over all your options so you can make the choice right for your home.

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